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     Kevin and Julie Ortenblad grew up and lived Minnesota for 50 plus years.  They were involved in farming for 32 years in the Raymond, Minnesota area.  In 2006 they bought a vacation home north of Buena Vista, Colorado.  Shortly after that, they purchased the first 80 acre parcel where Sanctuary now sits. 

The vision that Kevin and Julie had was to construct a place where people that are involved in ministry can come and experience rest, and peace.  In December of 2007, they sold all of their farmland.  In February they held an auction, and their farm machinery was sold.  In June of 2008 they were packed up ready to make the mountains of Colorado a permanent home.  They broke ground for Sanctuary in June of 2008, and completed construction 2 years later, and have now officially opened "Sanctuary" as of July 2010. 

They have succeeded in creating a place where rest and peace are part of the everyday routine.  They will make you feel special as they set breakfast before you.  The visiting that happens around the table is treasured by both Kevin and Julie and the guests alike.  They have tried to make Sanctuary, a refuge, a place where the enemy cannot hunt you, and so they have.  The whole story of how they received the calling to build Sanctuary, is a fascinating one.  Kevin and Julie will do everything they can to make sure you are pampered, and loved on while you are there.  They truly stepped into their calling, and they hope everyone that comes leaves blest.  They like to say that you will enter as friends, and leave as family; and you do!  If you visit, ask to hear how the hand of God was in the whole process.  

Sanctuary BV

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